While Nissan already has an autonomous driving technology, designers at Ford are quick to catch up. Ford is developing the Fully Assisted Parking Aid that allows the car park itself with just a push of a button.

The technology builds on existing Ford systems like the Active Park Assist and Ford Powershift transmissions. But unlike the Active Park Assist that can only perform parallel parking with the aid of the driver operating the pedals, the Fully Assisted Parking Aid manages to control all functions. With the Ford Powershift transmission, the vehicle is able to electronically control forward and reverse movement without the driver’s input. While the Active Park Assist scans for appropriate parking spaces and steer the car into place.

Activating the Fully Assisted Parking Aid requires the driver to put the car in neutral, and with the push of the button, the system gets activated. The system will then navigate the car to its parking space using ultrasonic sensors. Moreover, it can locate parking spaces while going 30 km/h.

The only job the driver really has to do is to hold the button throughout the parking process. Relieving the pressure from the button automatically deactivates the system.

See it for yourself in Ford’s video.