The name Ford Capri may not ring a bell with younger audiences, but for those who do, know that it's one of the many iconic nameplates to come from the Blue Oval. The sporty coupe was sold from 1969 to 1986 with quite a number of them landing here in the Philippines.

For over 30 years, the Capri name hasn't been stuck on a trunk lid and Ford hasn't made a mid-sized coupe in quite a while. However, Ford is open to the possibility of reviving the name, but only if the timing is right and if there's a business case for it in the first place. Amko Leenarts, head of Ford of Europe Design, does admit that it's something they've been dreaming about for quite some time.

Ford wants to revive the Capri...if they could image

Speaking to Autocar UK, the Ford designer said: "Who would not want to bring back the Capri as a design? We’d love it. But it’s got to be in the zeitgeist and has to fit, and work as a plural, not just exist as something for a designer to bring back an old car."

Ford had actually toyed with the idea of making a Capri for the new generation. Back in 2003, they drew up the Visos concept. It may not have been called the Capri but the styling cues were there. It had the classic long hood, short deck proportions, along with its signature round rear windows and faux air intakes just behind the doors. Sadly, it never made production. A shame since Ford actually made a working prototype of the concept.

But what are the prospects of a low-slung, sleek coupe in this day and age? After all, crossovers are all the rage these days. Nameplates that used to be stuck on coupes are now on crossovers too. Just take a look at the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Ford's own revived Puma.

Ford wants to revive the Capri...if they could image

Then again, Ford also has the Mustang, a model that's still selling well despite the advent of the crossover. Also remember that the Capri was, essentially, the European interpretation of the said pony car over in Europe and in parts of Asia. The Capri strikes a chord to many, mostly Europeans, and its name carries weight over there. After all, it was marketed as "The car you always promised yourself".

Whether it will happen or not is all up to Ford. We do have one request if that happens though.

Please Ford, don't turn it into a crossover.

Source: Autocar UK