As vehicles continuously shift towards active safety, the Ford Motor Company is working on two features it plans to implement in its future models. The automaker is currently developing Evasive Steering Assist, as well as Wrong Way Alert system to mitigate, as well as to prevent collisions from happening in the first place.

Ford describes Evasive Steering Assist as a last ditch option if a crash cannot be avoided by braking alone.  Designed to operate at city and highway speeds, it uses radar and a camera to detect slower-moving and stationary vehicles ahead, and provides steering support to enable drivers to avoid a vehicle if a collision is imminent. The system doesn't steer for the driver. Instead, this feature only kicks in when the sensors detect obstacles that are fast approaching the car. Steering assistance is then given to the driver when he or she applies steering input. It works in conjunction with the stability control system to avoid further loss of control.

The Wrong Way Alert system meanwhile aims to warn drivers if they are about to enter a one way street or the wrong side of the highway. Wrong Way Alert works with the use of a front mounted camera that constantly scans for road signs. If signs are unavailable, it then relies on the vehicle's navigation system to warn drivers of a no entry zone. It then alerts the driver with both audio and visual alerts to tell the driver to turn around.

At the moment, both Evasive Steering Assist and Wrong Way Alert are being tested at Ford of Europe's grounds in Germany. Ford adds that they aim to introduce these new features within the next two years but did not say which cars will have it first. It is likely that the automaker's European lineup may be the first to get these systems as an option.