Ford is developing a new way cars and drivers communicate with each other. The company has set up a new laboratory for the new system called Automotive Wearables Experience wherein the car relays messages to the driver via a smart watch or glasses.

The system works by pairing a smart watch (or a pair of specially made glasses) with the vehicle's on board computer. With that, the car sends messages to the driver to inform him or her regarding the vehicle's status. Example of the messages sent to the driver include door open warnings, key reminder and more.

Driver status and condition is also monitored by the watch which sends information to the car's safety systems. With the information gathered from the smart watch, the car then conducts a Driver Performance Assesment. The results of the driver assessment is then relayed to the vehicle's safety systems and adjusts them accordingly. The system also measures heart rate to see if the driver is well-rested or not. In situations wherein the driver lacks sleep, the car's active cruise control lengthens the distance from the car or cars ahead.