With Ford's much-coveted halo car well into production, it's safe to say that the 500 individuals chosen from their first batch of applications have long since been approved. And while there are still thousands more applicants that aspire to own a Ford GT, there didn't seem to be any more hope to procure the limited-run supercar – until now.

Alongside accepting 250 more applicants from the first batch, Ford says they're re-opening another batch of applications for another 250 units for 2019. While hopefuls that have applied before may try again to apply for a chance to spend $450,000 for the GT, this new application window will mostly be catered towards new applicants that can possibly represent Ford by bearing their prized halo car.

Ford GT application process re-opens for 2019 model year

Another interesting twist for those that will be approved for the 2019 MY Ford GT will be the choice to opt for the 2019 Heritage Edition GT. The heritage edition GTs from previous years bear the scheme and colors of the Le Mans winning cars from 1966 onwards. The 2017 Heritage Edition was black to honor the No. 2 car driven by Ken Miles and Denny Hulme during the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, while the 2018 version is red to commemorate the 1967 win in the No. 1 car driven by A.J. Foyt and Dan Gurney. That said, we can only presume that the 2019 version will come in the Gulf Orange/Light Blue livery that won Le Mans in 1968.

With Ford once again accepting more applicants for the GT, will there be a chance that one will make its way towards our shores?