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Ford, Honda go Platinum in 2018 SPMJ Driven to Serve Awards


SPMJ Driven to Serve Awards recognizes auto industry's services to the community

Besides being in the business of selling and building cars, automakers are also committed to several corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. These activities have been recognized by the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists (SPMJ). For the second year running, the SPMJ Driven to Serve Awards commended the local auto industry's services to the community, education and training, environment, and road safety.

In the field of Community Service, it was Ford who bagged the highest commendation of Platinum for the Operation Better World initiative. Two manufacturers received Gold for their efforts, namely Toyota for their Medical & Dental Outreach Program and Hyundai for their Rainwater Harvesting System. Silver on the other hand went to Lexus and Mitsubishi for Donations to Children’s Hour Campaign and Promoting Reading Literacy Program, respectively.


On to Environmental projects, it was Honda who received Platinum for their Tree-Planting with Haribon Foundation program. Gold went to Toyota's Adopt-A-Forest program while Silver was awarded to Isuzu for Tree-Planting at Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve.

For the second time in a row, it would be Ford receiving the Platinum award in the Driven to Serve Award's Road Safety category with the long-running Driving Skills for Life program. Volkswagen's push for child occupant vehicle safety rewarded them with Gold for their Child Safety Initiative program. Silver on the other hand was awarded to the One Honda Road Safety Program.

Last but not least is Education and Training with all recipients getting Silver. This year's awardees are Honda with the 1M Blue Eco-Safe Driving Campaign, Isuzu-Jacobo Gonzales Memorial School Knowledge Sharing Partnership, Mazda and AAP Partnership for Motorsports Development Program, and Toyota's Pasiglahin and Estudyanteng Pinoy Feeding Program.

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