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Ford increases R&D efforts on autonomous cars


Ford announces new research collaborations, partnerships

The Ford Motor Company is poised to increase its effort in developing the self-driving technology after the company announced new research collaborations that will focus on future mobility and autonomous driving solutions.

With this the Ford European Research & Innovation Center will be working wwith the Technology and Innovation Management Institute of RWTH Aechen University in Germany to launch the Personal Mobility Experience Innovation project this February.

According to Ford the said project aims to identify the features, technologies, services and solutions that could enable the automaker to meet customers' changing preferences and expectations for personal mobility. Moreover, the project intends to address issues such as traffic congestion and environmental problems.


Aside from the said project, Ford is also contributing to U.K. Autodrive, an initiative researching on how driverless and connected cars can be “integrated into everyday life.”

Ford will provide two cars equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communication to test an innovative public transport system.

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