Ford Motor Company is investing another USD 4.5 billion (around PhP 212.6B) in its electric car program and plans to add 13 new electric vehicles by 2020.

Ford also said that more than 40-percent of the brand's global nameplates will come in electrified versions by 2020.

In line with Ford's electric car program, the new Focus Electric will start production late next year. It is equipped with a DC fast-charging battery that can be able to charge to 80-percent in 30 minutes, about two hours faster than the current model. The vehicle also has a projected range of 161 km.

2017 Ford Focus Electric

Furthermore, Ford says the 2017 Focus Electric will have the following features: 'SmartGauge' with 'EcoGuide' LCD instrument cluster as well as Brake Coach system that assists the driver on how to use smooth braking to maximize energy generated through the 'Regenerative Braking' system.

Ford adds that they intend to develop more electric cars in order to have cleaner and more efficient vehicles.