If you feel like Ford vehicles are becoming more and more high-tech as the years go by, well recent moves by the automaker suggests that ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet.’

Ford has just announced a US$ 182.2 million investment in cloud-based software company Pivotal based out of San Francisco in order to improve their software development capabilities for better innovations in future Ford vehicles.

This development puts Ford in just the right position to transition from just being an auto company into a becoming full-fledged mobility company with plans to challenge competitors in the field of connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics.

“Expanding our business to be both an auto and mobility company requires leading-edge software expertise to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Our investment in Pivotal will help strengthen our ability to deliver these customer experiences at the speed of Silicon Valley, including continually expanding FordPass® – our digital, physical and personal mobility experience platform,” said Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO.

Ford and Pivotal engineers working together

The Detroit-based automaker plans to optimize Pivotal’s advanced software development methodologies and technology by using it on new mobility projects such as the on-demand Dynamic Shuttle pilot program.

Pivotal has been integral in the development of Ford vehicles and is in fact the secret ingredient that makes EcoBoost engines so fuel-efficient. The software allows engineers to ‘maximize the use of each drop of fuel at a molecular level.’

“Today we are at a major inflection point in global business, and Pivotal is at the fulcrum of that change. We are collaborating with iconic companies like Ford to help transform their businesses with our unique software development methodology and modern cloud platform and analytics tools. We are thrilled to create a deeper partnership with Ford through this investment as we drive its evolution to becoming both an auto and mobility company – reinventing yet again how the world moves,” said Rob Mee, Pivotal CEO.