Things are still not looking good for the Ford Motor Company it seems. After recently issuing three safety recalls that involved a faulty transmission, defective door latches and digital displays that do not display anything, Ford recently announced that it is investigating its fuel economy and emissions testing in the US.

According to Kim Pettel, group vice president for Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering at Ford, a handful of employees raised concerns with regards to the analyitical model that the company uses for their fuel and emissions compliance process. Based on some of the employees' statements, some of the figures listed may have some inaccuracies.

As a result, Ford has hired an outside company to conduct an investigation that will check to see if the vehicle road load specifications used in testing to certify emissions and fuel economy ratings are accurate. In addition, the automaker will also be hiring an independent lab in order to conduct further testing, particularly on the coastdown tests for fuel economy.

“At Ford, we believe that trust in our brand is earned by acting with integrity and transparency. As part of this, we have a process for looking at how we perform and behave in our broad and complex company,” added Pettel.

Ford reiterates that the ongoing investigation does not involve any type of defeat devices on any of their vehicles. Moreover, Ford also mentioned that there have been no reports yet whether this issue will affect the company's fuel economy ratings and emissions certifications. They have also shared the potential concerns of this investigation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB).

So far, Ford has yet to state as to which models are part of the investigation. However, they did say that they will start of with the US-built 2019 Ranger. More vehicles / models could be investigated as well in the near future.