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Ford is ready to slay all expectations with the 2019 Ranger Raptor


Ford reveals 2019 Ranger Raptor with bi-turbo system, 213 horsepower

We expect a lot from our trucks; beasts of burden that can haul all day, every single day and twice on Sundays. But what about a truck -a global pick-up truck- that can do all that, and leave most anything else eating its dust?

That is what we can expect of the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor, a high performance version of the Ford Ranger that has just been unveiled for the world in Asia’s truck capital: Thailand.


The Ford Ranger Raptor is a product of a rigorous research and development process, with a lot of testing and re-testing taking place in the Australian outback’s extreme conditions.

As we can see, the Ranger has been redesigned in order to deserve the famed performance badge. The front has been altered to look more ferocious and more aggressive with the big grill, the new headlights, and a bumper that is reminiscent of a Baja racing truck than an everyday workhorse.

There’s a lot more cladding and accessorizing going on with the Ranger Raptor, along with the larger wheels and all-terrain tires. The suspension has likewise been upgraded, and given the goal of more performance, the suspension -including the rear- now use coil springs with Fox internal bypass dampers; all the better to take on trails with more speed and less bounce.

The interior has also been updated with new looks and Raptor badging and branding, but the real change is the presence of a new heart: a powerful new 2.0-liter diesel, but gets a new bi-turbo system.

Better yet, the new motor is now paired with a 10 speed automatic and an improved four wheel drive system. The new gearbox features a roller one way clutch. The Raptor also gets a better version of the Terrain Management System. Surprisingly there was no manual transmission option.

Performance figures have not been officially released, but the new Bi-Turbo 2.0-liter diesel engine makes 213 PS and 500 Nm of torque.

The launch of the Ranger Raptor represents the first time the “Raptor” name from Ford’s performance division will officially be used in Asia and on the Ranger. Originally, the Raptor badge was used on the most powerful version of Ford’s F-150 pick-up, and that was only in the United States.

The 2019 Ranger Raptor will be launched in other markets soon.

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