Want a crossover but aren't quite ready to dive into it yet? Ford may have a solution for that. The company has given a raised version of their B-segment hatchback, the Fiesta, in the form of the Fiesta Active. In essence, it's a Fiesta with a bit more ground clearance than the standard model.

So what makes the Fiesta Active different from the rest of the model's range? Aside from the extra ground clearance, it gets a kit that makes the humble hatch look a bit more like, in Ford's words, an SUV. For starters, the slatted grill makes way for a honeycomb design. The Active's bumpers are based on those from the standard Fiesta but it gains unpainted cladding and a silver colored trim piece to mimic a skid plate.

Ford Fiesta Active blends hatchback looks with mini-crossover cues

More cladding surrounds the lower half of the Fiesta Active's body. A pair of roof rails add to the small SUV effect. Like the front, the rear is adorned with another faux skid plate. The space for the license plate is then finishes in matt black. For those who want to know how much taller the Fiesta Active is over a normal Fiesta, Ford says the height difference is at 18 mm or about an inch. The automaker adds that the added track width aids in rough road stability.

Ford Fiesta Active blends hatchback looks with mini-crossover cues

Like the standard Fiestas, the dash is now soft-padded with the Active getting different materials that are said to be more durable. The infotainment screen is now larger, measuring 8-inches and features a floating design. Also, the infotainment system is upgraded to a Sync 3 system, now powered by QNX instead of Microsoft.

Engine options for the Fiesta Active consist of three turbocharged gas engines and one turbodiesel. All three gas engines use the same 1.0-liter EcoBoost with various power outputs. It is available in 100 PS, 125 PS and 140 PS guises. As for the turbodiesel, it is a 1.5-liter unit that makes 120 PS. Transmission choices include a six-speed automatic or a six-speed manual, the latter coming with what Ford calls Slippery Mode to aid in rougher roads. There is no all-wheel drive version available; the Fiesta Active is front-wheel drive only.