Ford Group Philippines (FGP) kicks off its comprehensive and United Nations-recognized road safety initiatives under the company's global Driving Skills for Life(DSFL) campaign this month. This program is part of Ford's ongoing commitment to promote and improve driver safety in the Philippines.

Ford is planning a series of day camps and seminars throughout the year and aims to have 2,000 licensed drivers participate in the DSFL program. Training will focus on safe, smart and fuel efficient driving skills as well as providing handy tips on vehicle

Driving Skills for Life offers free courses, both classroom training and practical learning, to help educate drivers of all ages on safe driving practices. The program has been customized for the Philippines to reflect the local driving environment and road conditions. Since 2005, Ford's DSFL program has had more than 20,000 participants.

The Driving Skills for Life program also includes seminars for Ford employees, licensed student drivers, customers, corporate fleet accounts and automotive enthusiast such as car clubs.

"Our commitment to our customers does not end with our products. We are also dedicated to encouraging people to become responsible and safe drivers. Since road safety is an important issue and concern in the Philippines, we aim to minimize road traffic accidents and promote economical and fuel-efficient driving through the Driver
Skills for Life
education campaign," said Anika Salceda-Wycoco, FGP's AVP for Communications.

This year's first DSFL seminar was held recently with customers at Ford EDSA dealership. A total of 21 Ford owners and 9 dealership employees participated in the session that was conducted in collaboration with Ford's DSFL partner, Tuason Racing School (TRS), and featured interactive activities on safe, smart and fuel efficient driving techniques. Participants were also given the opportunity to drive and apply their classroom learning's.

Customers who participated in the Driving Skills for Life seminar were not only pleased with vehicles they test drove, but also with Ford's admirable initiative.

"As part of my family's business I transport heavy appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners using my Ford Ranger, my truck has been with me for over a year now and it hasn't failed me once. After learning so much from the seminar, I feel confident again knowing that I am well-equipped with road safety knowledge which can help me avoid traffic violations as well as road accidents," explains Ryan Vincent Mitra.

"I really learned a lot from this session. I'm glad that I had the chance to practice my newly-learned skills and apply it to real driving situations. This will help me prepare for or prevent possible dangers on the road," adds Fiesta-owner Jocephine Yao.

"The Driving Skills for Life program is an ideal way for Ford to leverage our global expertise to help make a difference here in the Philippines. We hope to encourage more Filipinos to practice safe driving every time they are on the road," Wycoco added.