Ford has unveiled their latest technology which can detect pedestrians and can apply the brakes automatically if the driver doesn't respond after hearing the audible and visual warnings. To detect pedestrians, the technology uses a radar mounted on the front bumper and a camera mounted on the windshield.

The night-time detection system is said to take photos every 30-seconds. From the photos, it is able to distinguish pedestrians and jaywalkers apart from other objects on the street, such as trees and street signs using a pedestrian shape detection system in its database. Inside, the cabin shows a live video feed that picks out the pedestrians and jaywalkers even in low light conditions.

Ford Mustang, F-150, Fiesta gain pedestrian alert system

To test out the system, Ford says their engineering team used life-sized test dummies and placed them on the path of oncoming vehicles at night in a closed track. The team further tested the system on public roads in Amsterdam and Paris, to see whether the system is ready.

As of the moment, the safety system will be first introduced on the next-generation Ford Fiesta in Europe later this year. The system will be introduced in North America along with the 2018 Mustang and 2018 F-150.

The 2018 Ford F-150

For now, the automated emergency braking (AEB) system is not standard on most vehicles nor is it required, along with the pedestrian detection system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administraion of the United States (NHTSA) however, has reached a voluntary agreement with 20 automakers to make AEB standard in vehicles by 2022.