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Ford offering 4G connectivity for 2010-2016 models


Ford introduces new plug-in device that enables access to connectivity features

Ford Motor Company now offers a new platform for owners of 2010 to 2016 model-year Ford and Lincoln vehicles not equipped with a modern access to a wide array of connectivity features.

The automaker said that through this simple device to be plugged into the OBD II port below the steering wheel, Ford SmartLink will enable access to the following features: smartphone-based remote start, lock and unlock, 4G Wi-Fi hotspot capable of accepting up to eight devices, vehicle health and security alerts as well as vehicle location assistance.


In addition, it also includes a dedicated App and Web Portal to activate remote features, receive alerts and schedule service appointments with the client's preferred dealer.

“Ford SmartLink will surprise and delight owners of recent model-year vehicles by adding some of today’s most popular connectivity features. Offering it through our dealerships is another way to keep us connected with our customers and earn their loyalty,” said Stephen Odell, executive vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service.

With more than two years of research and development invested, the Ford SmartLink team along with the the Delphi Automotive and Verizon Telematics, have ensured that the new platform will work seamlessly with Ford and Lincoln cars.

Ford has yet to list the exact models that will benefit from the new SmartLink device.

SmartLink can be purchased at any Ford and Lincoln dealerships in U.S. starting mid-2017. There is no word yet if the SmartLink device will be offered to other global markets.

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