Ford's designs are getting better and better, and to further their advancement in design even more, the company has opened an expanded design center in Germany with improved capabilities and to better facilitate an open exchange of ideas.

The expanded center features an open and fluid design that makes for a better creative space. The 11.6 million Euro facility features high tech solutions such as a “powerwall” capable of projecting vehicle and concept designs in three-dimensional and virtual environments.

Ford also invested in new milling machines that use computer-aided design to create precise clay models of new vehicles for aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. The extension’s open-plan design means there are no barriers between the teams that work at the Centre, to foster an open and inclusive atmosphere that is important to the design process. Of course, the existing studios were redesigned as well.

"Outstanding design is one of the things that sets our brand apart and excites our customers," said Martin Smith, executive design director, Ford of Europe. “The Design Centre expansion will provide employees with a highly-motivational environment in which they are free to further develop Ford’s design philosophy."

The expansion increases the Ford Design Center by 3000 square meters, bringing the total to 16,000 square meters.