Drifting can be tedious especially for beginners as you search for just the right timing and mix of handbraking and throttle input but it may not be the case for far too long.

Ford Performance, the Detroit automaker’s high performance division, has just made available its newest invention designed to work specifically with the Focus RS and has received the approval of rally and stunt star Ken Block no less.

Internally called the Project Wicked Stick, it is a rally-inspired handbrake based on the all-wheel drive developed to enhance the industry-first Drift mode that was made available in the all-new RS.

Officially called the Ford Performance Drift Stick, it is an aluminum lever installed between the driver’s seat and the manual transmission. Activating it automatically manipulates the all-wheel-drive system on the Focus RS along with its antilock braking system, rear-drive unit clutches and applies hydraulic pressure on the rear wheels to induce drift.

The Ford Performance Drift Stick uses electronic technology, which means that data regarding its performance can be retrieved so that adjustments and calibrations may be made on the Focus RS.

Installation of the Ford Performance Drift Stick requires no welding, drilling or calipers and it only requires five to six pounds of pressure to operate. Best part, it’s priced at only US$ 999 or Php 51,542 and will be available starting December 1. But, it is only available for US and Canada customers.

Ford unveils world’s first electronic performance handbrake

“The passionate engineers at Ford Performance are also enthusiasts. Everyone here is encouraged to think outside the box, so project ‘Wicked Stick’ was born. Our engineers will leverage the learnings from its development for many future products for Ford Performance and, ultimately, take back even more of an innovative spirit when they rejoin our mainstream engineering teams,” said Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance.

“I think it’s really cool that Ford Performance is offering customers a way to create large-angle drifts in the Focus RS. Obviously it’s something that I’m really passionate about having been a part of the development of the production vehicle, so it’s exciting to see it come to life. It definitely makes the car even more fun to drive," said professional rally driver Ken Block.