Two days ago, we published a story about how Ford has found a problem with their new 10-speed automatic gearbox, an issue that potentially affects about 1000 units of Thai-made Everests and Rangers, including the new Ranger Raptor.

In relation to the incident that is being managed by Ford's regional operations up to and including sending parts of the correct specifications by air, Ford Philippines has reached out to with an official statement, detailing the matter and how it affects local customers.

Ford has found an issue with some Ranger vehicles where the studs retaining the torque converter to the engine flex-plate may have been improperly welded. 

We have identified a limited number of potentially-affected vehicles in the Philippines which are currently being withheld.

All unaffected vehicles have been cleared and released to our dealers for normal sale and delivery to customers.

The statement from Ford Philippines confirms that there was indeed a problem with the assembly pertaining to the torque converter and engine flex plate; the same information we received from our source who is privy to the incident. 

Ford Philippines says they were able to retain the units of the Ranger (the local pre-upgrade Everest still does not have the 10-speed automatic) that were affected by the bad batch of parts before they were sold, except for one.

That one customer has already been contacted by Ford Philippines so they can address the problem with the gearbox, making this the smallest actual recall we've ever had in our market.