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Ford PH issues coolant hose recall on select Ranger models


Faulty coolant hose can rub off on other engine parts, may lead to overheating

Ford Philippines recently issued a recall that concerns faulty coolant hoses on select Ranger models that may cause coolant loss and may lead to eventual overheating.

The recall advisory states:

"Under certain operating conditions, an engine coolant hose on your vehicle may rub against other under-bonnet components. Continuous contact with these components may result in wearing of the coolant hose and the potential for coolant loss. If you were to continue driving with such a condition, it may lead to engine overheating and the potential for engine failure."


The company has already notified customers about the problem and have relayed the information to their dealers. Customers are advised to bring their vehicles to the dealers to check if the coolant hose has any evidence of contact. In the event that the car has suffered coolant hose wearing, the dealer will replace the hose. Otherwise it will install a protective wrapping on the coolant hose to prevent further damage between the coolant hose and the other components.

Customers who received a letter of notice are advised to call the dealer and request a service date for Customer Satisfaction R1306  with their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Those that were not given any notification letters but observed that their engines are running hotter during operation have to stop using their vehicle and immediately contact their nearest Ford dealer.

For those that have already sold the car, Ford asks to notify them through email ( so the company can update their records and notify the new owner about the problem.

Those having trouble in getting their car serviced promptly and without charge can contact your respective DCRC manager. Further assistance is available with the Ford Group Philippines Customer Relations Center (CRC) which can be contacted at numbers (02) 866-9408 or 1-800-10736-3673. The representatives are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am up to 5:00pm.

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