Ford Philippines working to improve ownership experience

If there's one thing that Ford Philippines is making a very serious push to improve, it's the ownership experience. You can win over a customer with attractive promotions and deals, but keeping a customer boils down to how well, how fast, and how affordably you can service their vehicles.

That is something Ford is working on; something we confirmed with Michael Breen, the new managing director of Ford Philippines. He intends to make some changes to improve the performance and perception of Ford in terms of after-sales, and one aspect they have just made a big improvement in is parts availability.

Today, Ford Philippines announced that they have opened a new parts warehouse facility strategically located in Carmona, Cavite. Ford says the new 2,000 square meter storage facility gives them a 30% boost when it comes to parts stocks compared to before. That should help speed up servicing of their customers, especially when it comes to collision-related parts.

“At Ford, we aim to treat our customers like family. We recognize that parts accessibility is very important for our customers and in the overall ownership experience. With the expansion of our parts warehouse facility, we are able to better serve our customers and improve their after-sales experience when it comes to parts availability,” said Joyce Laxamana, Ford Philippines director for the customer service division.

Ford says that the new larger facility will allow them to send parts to any of their 50 dealers in the country. If a part they have in stock is ordered before a 12-noon cutoff, the part can be expected to arrive at any Metro Manila and nearby dealerships on the same day.

The facility also allows Ford to stock some parts for their other newer models that have debuted in the market. This list includes the popular Territory crossover from China, the Transit van from Turkey, the new Ranger FX4 MAX from Thailand, as well as the much larger F-150 pick-up from North America.

The facility also allows Ford Philippines to play a greater role in the parts supply chain in the region, meaning they can supply vehicle parts to other affiliated Ford markets in ASEAN such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar if need be.

There are a few more things that Ford will undoubtedly be looking at to improve the ownership experience, but it's good to see they have taken one very major step to get there.