Ford Philippines achieved high turn of sales in the month of June, garnering 1,697 units, which is 36-percent higher than last year.

Sales during the second quarter of the year numbered at 5,172, which is 45-percent higher than of last year.

“Our outstanding second-quarter numbers indicate that we are well on track with our plans of delivering the right Ford vehicle to match our customers’ lifestyles,” said Kay Hart, managing director, Ford Philippines.

The Ranger nameplate topped the sales in June with 587 units sold while the Everest sold for 272 units. The new EcoSport, which is slowly gaining ground, sold for 482 units. Year-over-year sales of the Ranger is at 3,283 units, 64-percent higher than that of last year.

Ford EcoSport

The Everest reached 1,645 units which is 30-percent higher while the EcoSport comes to a surprise, managing to garner sales of up to 1,641 in just 3 months.

Ford says new dealerships in Alabang, Baguio and Zamboanga will be opening soon. This brings the total number of Ford dealerships in the country to 35, a step closer to the goal of being able to open 37 dealerships before the year ends.