Soon, owning a Ford in the Philippines can do away with the big question marks with regards to service and specifically servicing costs.

Ford Philippines has just announced a series of major changes in their ownership cost structure for their three key and strongest models in the market: the Everest, Ranger, and EcoSport.

Bert Lessard, Ford Philippines president, made the announcement today at a meeting with members of the press that the company will be instituting a uniform preventive maintenance pricing structure nationwide. The new scheme covers basic services under a regular service interval; more colloquially known as a general “tune up” such as an oil change, sparkplug change, and other tasks under the regular check up. 

Moreover, Ford says that they have also lowered the cost of these basic regular maintenance services as well as the parts needed. Over a 5 year period, Ford says the basic preventive maintenance costs of the Ranger will decrease by 15%. For the Everest the prices will go down by 18%, while for the EcoSport the 5-year maintenance cost will go down by 20%. 

The prices have yet to be fully released by Ford, but they say it will be implemented nationwide; the cost of a regular interval service at a Manila dealership will be the same as a Mindanao dealership. 

Ford also stressed that their servicing intervals will remain at every 6 months; an important factor given the time customers will have to spend to visit dealerships and have their cars serviced. Ford says other brands require that customers to visit at least four times a year, while Ford customers are only required to do so twice for the basic servicing. 

This campaign is part of a thrust by Ford to reduce the cost of ownership of their three key (and strongest-selling) models in the market, as well as to enhance the market perception of Ford when it comes to maintenance.

More importantly, Ford is highlighting their prepaid Scheduled Service Program, which can be availed of by customers for up to 5 years. The SSP means that the customer will have paid for all their basic service needs up front; the plan serves as a hassle-free way to have your car serviced and can be included in the financing of the vehicle. Also, given that exchange rates tend to fluctuate, Ford says this offers a means of protection against devaluation given that all basic servicing needs have been pre-paid.