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Ford preps the “Magnificent Seven” Mustang lineup for SEMA


Ford gives us the perfect Mustang in seven ways

With the focus on aftermarket parts, styling, and trends, this year’s SEMA show is set to showcase the latest bits from the industry. With their best selling pony car sure to be shown in several states of modification, Ford jumps into the fray by giving several shops the green light to create their own take on the Mustang. The “Magnificent Seven” Mustangs are set to be showcased in Ford’s sizeable booth – each being a reflection of just how much you can choose to modify your own Mustang. Ford has chosen to give us a taste of what’s to come by showing renders of each Mustang to be displayed at their booth:

Choosing an Ecoboost convertible platform to work with, you may expect something, well, mad, from the folks at MAD Industries. What we see for now however is a mildly tweaked exterior, lowered ride height on coilovers, Wilwood brakes, and a Ford Performance power package to round things up. Nothing too over the top, but its “AL Priority Quint laser defense and parking system” might be the ‘mad’ part of this car. Laser Defense isn’t something you’ll hear as a feature everyday after all.


With their name being almost synonymous to Ford’s pony car, it’s no surprise they’ve also called Roush Performance to tweak the Mustang to their specifications. Inspired by the Boss 429, the 729 gets the full widebody treatment along with loads of power under the hood thanks to a large supercharger. Matched with an active exhaust and a cold air intake through the scoop to keep the engine breathing, we’ll definitely see big numbers out of this one. All that power will be sent through a 10-speed automatic. Bright green paint? Large power? Looks like they’re taking inspiration out of a certain superhero. All it needs now is a pair of purple pants.

This murdered out Mustang has one sole goal in mind: to hit 200 miles per hour (320 km/h). Functional drag-spec aero adorn its exterior, from a clear flat drag wing to splitters to hold the front down during the top speed run. Minor bits like foglamps have been omitted in favor of better aerodynamics, and it even has a parachute to make sure it stops after the run. Power will be supplied by a Hellion twin turbo kit and will be sent to the wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Taking after that classic blacked-out american roadster, this iteration of the Mustang harks back to the days of cruising the boulevard in a loud drop-top hotrod – all while adding modern bits and pieces. Its all black exterior is flanked by Bomber Brown leather for proper contrast, while its splitter, mirror, and even its roof hoop is all made in Carbon Fiber. A supercharger also sits on top of the 5.0L V8, while power will also be sent to the wheels via a 10-speed automatic.

Another black Mustang? With another widebody? Running a supercharger too? The difference of this mustang compared to the others on display is the fact that it will be sending power to the ground with a proper 6-speed manual box. Designed by professional racer Brad DeBerti, this Mustang received tweaks in the suspension to make it handle just as well as it looks. The widebody also looks as if it belonged to the mustang in the first place, much unlike the riveted fenders we see regularly today.

Going for subtle improvements and parts interchangeability over a full-blown build, Air Design makes very minimalistic changes to the Mustang to show just how easy it can be to modify. A purely aesthetic exercise, this silver Mustang has a different front splitter, rear diffuser, and a duckbill spoiler.

No, no, looks like you have nothing to fear: this won’t be standard issue for cops any time soon. Lowered on Ford Performance springs and running 305-series rubber all around, this Mustang is a police-themed showcase by the Drag Racers Against Gangs and Graffiti. DRAGG is a non-profit group that attempts to lure mischievous individuals away from crime and into drag racing against the Las Vegas police. As for this car’s exterior though, that nudge bar would make a nice addition as a factory option, don’t you think?

We will see more of these Mustangs soon once the SEMA show goes live on November 1st.

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