Ford Motor Company is recalling 402,462 Transits, 7 Police Interceptor Utility vehicles and 3 Escapes for safety and safety compliance issues. All affected models are in the North American territory.

No accidents or injuries have been reportedly caused by these issues.

The safety recall for the 2015-1017 Ford Transit involves models manufactured at the Kansas City Assembly Plant, Jan. 17, 2014 to June 15, 2017. It is to replace the driveshaft flexible coupling that may cause driveline separation if the vehicle has more than 30,000 miles on it. The replacement will be at no cost to the customer.

"In the affected vehicles, continuing to operate a vehicle with a cracked flexible coupling may cause separation of the driveshaft, resulting in a loss of motive power while driving or unintended vehicle movement in park without the parking brake applied. In addition, separation of the driveshaft from the transmission can result in secondary damage to surrounding components, including brake and fuel lines. A driveshaft separation may increase the risk of injury or crash."

According to a filing by the company with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the recall will cost the an estimated $142 million.

The company further stated: "For affected vehicles with more than 30,000 miles, the interim repair will consist of replacing the driveshaft flexible coupling every 30,000 miles until the final repair is available and completed."


Four Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles are also being recalled to repair second row seat attachment studs. Affected vehicles are units made at the Chicago Assembly Plant in January 20, 2017.

Finally, Ford is recalling three 2016 Escape units built at the Louisville Assembly Plant in December 18, 2015. This is to replace driver knee airbag modules that may not inflate as intended due to lack of inflator gas generant material.


The new recall follows a massive 'door issue' which covered nearly 2.4 million vehicles in Q3 of 2016 where a potentially defective pawl spring tab could cause doors to fly open while the car is running. The recall cost the company $640 million, bringing down its pre-tax profit from $10.8 billion to $10.2 billion.

Affected vehicles include 2013-15 Ford C-MAX and Ford Escape; 2012-15 Ford Focus; 2015 Ford Mustang and Lincoln MKC; and 2014-16 Ford Transit Connect.