Ford Motor Company has announced a recall for a total of 465,000 cars that comprise of 2013 models to check for a potential fuel tank leaks that could result in a fire. The models include the 2013 Ford Explorer, Fusion, Flex, Interceptor Sedan, Interceptor Utility, and Taurus. 

The issue has been traced to a fuel delivery module in the tank that could leak, about 600 consumer complaints have been received as of March 31st.

Ford has assured customers that while a fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may result in a fire, there have been no reports of fires and no accidents or injuries have been attributed to the condition, so far.

Of the 465,000 vehicles recalled, 420,000 units are in the United States, Canada and Mexico; the remaining 45,000 units have been sold overseas. We have no advise from Ford Philippines as to the number of affected units locally as of press time.

A few 2013 Fusions were also recalled for a steering gear fix that could potentially increasing the risk of a crash. About 500 units of the the 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedans with engine block heaters were also being recalled for potential cracking on cords that could expose the wiring.

The automaker however revealed that it might not be able to provide enough replacement parts for the fuel tank recall until September for all owners. But the automaker did state that it will be able to replace the steering gears on the Fusion and the engine block heater cords on the MKZ immediately.