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Ford redesigns cabin for owners with multiple devices


Research shows 1 in 3 people own at least three devices

Ever had the trouble of trying to figure out where to place your three mobile devices before starting-up the car when mounting more than two on the dash or windshield seems like overkill.

Ford hears you and is now making the proper adjustments to their new releases starting with the 2017 Fusion.

A recent research has indicated that 1 in 3 people now own a smartphone, computer and a tablet, and need the appropriate cubby holes and storage spaces for them during the drive.


To address this ‘millennial’ demand, Ford reshaped the Fusion cabin to allow 59-percent more storage on the console by incorporating bins, a new phone pocket and a nook for loose change.

A total of 4 liters of storage has been added by lengthening the armrest by three inches and giving the upper compartment a clamshell design for accessibility.

With the revision, the space underneath the 8-inch touchscreen gets a lighted USB port and behind it is another space for mobile devices and other small items. The design of this area allows for tangle-free storage of power cords as well.

To increase the real estate along the center console, the shift knob has also been replaced by a rotary dial.

“Without the larger base of the traditional shifter, there was much more room for us to add features that are important to the Fusion customer, like storage and connections. We were able to shuffle around the driver-assist controls to the base of the shifter, along with the electronic brake, for a more intuitive arrangement for the customer, as well as providing a longer armrest for significantly improved elbow comfort for drivers,” said Ford Fusion ergonomics engineer, Hani Badawi.

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