It's only a matter of time before Ford unveils the all-new Explorer. The American automaker has been dropping details regarding the full-sized crossover and now, it's the first time they will be previewing it in the metal. Being America's best-selling patrol vehicle, Ford decided to show it off donning a police uniform as well. As it stands, the Explorer patrol SUV, dubbed the Police Interceptor Utility, has captured 65 percent of America's police forces.

Of course, Ford isn't going all out in revealing the popular crossover. However, the dimly-lit photos do show some detail. For starters, the headlights are slimmer than the ones found in the current model. It's more aggressive too with its upswept design. The rest of the front fascia is obscured by the ram bar, so there isn't a clear view of the grill. However, we do see the trapezoidal corner air intakes which houses the LED flashers.

2019 Ford Explorer previewed wearing its police uniform

From the looks of it, it appears that the all-new Explorer will adapt the Expedition's straight window line. The roofline is also more rakish than before with the tailgate windshield featuring a steeper angle. As for the rear, it should be familiar sight as it is similar to the current model, albeit more dynamic looking.

The biggest news however is the announcement of a hybrid variant for the Explorer. While it's under the hood of the Police Interceptor Utility, it is likely that civilians will also get that option as well. Ford didn't say much regarding specs, but they are targeting a fuel consumption rating of about 24 miles per gallon or 10.2 kilometers per liter.

Prior to the announcement of the hybrid powertrain, Ford had announced that they will be making ST variants of the Explorer. As of now, details are scarce but given that the current Explorer Sport already packs 370 PS, it's likely it will reach the 400 PS, or even the 420 PS mark. Will there be a Police Interceptor version of the ST as well? If so, it will be quite the patrol vehicle.