While electric cars have become more and more popular, the same can’t be said about electric pickup trucks.

One of the reasons behind this is simply because electric trucks still have a lot to prove in terms of their capabilities. Ford, however, wants to prove that their electric trucks are just as tough, or even more capable, than those fitted with an internal combustion engine.

The Blue Oval has just released a new video showing an electric F-150 prototype towing around 1 million pounds (453,000kg) worth of double-decker train cars. They even had Ford F-150 chief engineer, Linda Zhang, personally drive the truck.

Ford’s electric F-150 can tow over 1 million pounds of load image

Now, other automakers have done the same formula pulling other forms of heavyweight cargo such as planes, trains, and even the space shuttle. But, Ford certainly has the upper hand when it comes to pulling heavy stuff. More so, they decided to take things one step further by loading the train cars with 42 2019-model F-150s. As expected, the electric F-150 was able to pull the fully loaded train cars with little drama.

Ford’s electric F-150 can tow over 1 million pounds of load image

Ford first confirmed that an electric and a hybrid version of the F-150 was coming in a few years time earlier this January. However, they have not yet confirmed when the fully electric version will make its debut, only stating that the hybrid version will be arriving next year.