Looking to give your furry companion a special gift this Christmas? Why not gift your pets a special kennel that will keep them calm and happy amidst the fireworks this coming New Year?

As we all know, dogs (as well as cats) have better hearing ability than us humans. Given their heightened sense of hearing, most pets do not enjoy fireworks as it stresses them out and makes them uncomfortable. Ford believes that they have come up with a solution for that with the Noise-Cancelling Kennel.

Using active-noise control technology borrowed from their automobiles (like the Ford Everest and Ford Edge), this special type of kennel can cancel out the noise or reduce it significantly. The kennel works by way of a microphone that detects the sound of fireworks. Once the system hears loud noises such as fireworks, the built-in audio system in the kennel emits opposing frequencies which can cancel out or reduce the noise.

“We wondered how the technologies we use in our cars could be applied to help in other situations. Could dogs enjoy quieter New Year’s Eve celebrations through the application of our Active Noise Control system? We have a few more ideas in progress as to how our everyday lives might benefit from a little Ford know-how,” said Lyn West, Brand Content Manager for Marketing Communications at Ford of Europe.

Ford Kennel with Active Noise Control

While the kennel itsef is still a concept, Ford is optimistic this type of technology can be made into a fully-working product that will help our furry friends stress-free during New Year's Eve. That way, they can be with us as we welcome the New Year instead of cowering away under the table or in soundproof rooms.