A couple of months ago, Ford pulled the covers off their latest hot hatchback, the Focus ST. So why are we bringing up a car that was already shown earlier this year? That's because Ford has some big performance claims on their hot hatch.

First, the stats. The 2019 Ford Focus ST packs a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine. As with most hot hatchbacks these days, it's packing a turbocharger, in this case, EcoBoost. The result is 280 PS and a healthy 420 Nm of torque. That gives it a 0 to 100 km/h time of 5.7 seconds, which is mighty quick for a compact hatch.

But you know what else can do the same task in 5.7 seconds? That would be the Honda Civic Type R. By the looks of things, Ford seems to want to pick a fight with Honda in the hot hatch stakes. So how did the Focus ST match the time of the Civic Type R despite the latter having more horsepower at 320 PS? It seems down to the Focus' torque advantage with 20 Nm more than the Civic, which has 400 Nm. The Ford also benefits from an anti-lag system, something more commonly seen in the aftermarket.

Ford says 2019 Focus ST as quick as Honda Civic Type R image

Of course, corners are a different matter, but the Focus ST comes equipped with active suspension dubbed Continuously Controlled Damping. Like the Civic Type R, it also has electronically selectable suspension settings. In Ford's case, it's Slippery/Wet, Normal, Sport, and Track.

Sadly, we'll never know who's faster in real life here in the Philippines. It's highly unlikely that we'll ever see the Focus ST, or even the standard Focus, in the country. Still, more hot hatchbacks are always welcome, and the faster they get, we can also expect them to be even better. With the Focus ST putting out figures like that, we're actually curious what the Focus RS will be like should Ford make an even more potent version of their humble hatchback.