We already know what the all-new Ford Ranger will look like thanks to a myriad of leaks and spy shots. Despite the Blue Oval's best efforts to hide what the truck will look like, it's clear that the next-generation Ranger will resemble the Maverick.

Still, this hasn't stopped the company from performing endurance tests on the new Ranger. In fact, Ford recently claimed that as of today, testing on the next-gen Ranger has covered around 10,000 km of desert driving. Ford says that this is equivalent to covering 1,250,000 km of customer driving, and the equivalent of 625,000 km of rugged off-road durability testing at maximum load capacity.

Don't believe them? The company recently posted a video (as well as images) of the prototype model being put through its paces across some of the most unforgiving terrains around the world. From hot sandy dunes to extreme rocky terrain and slippery snow, Ford wants to make sure the all-new Ranger meets their stringent world-class quality, reliability, and durability standards.

Ford says all-new Ranger has endured 1.25 million km of testing image

“It’s important that our customers are able to rely on Ranger to deliver years of dependable service. So, we’ve gone to great lengths to subject next-gen Ranger to extreme tests – stressing it much more than a typical consumer would – to help ensure it is ready to face everything life throws at it,” said John Willems, Chief Program Engineer of the Ford Ranger.

But even before the first prototypes touched the ground, Ford engineers subjected the next-gen Ranger to thousands of hours of computer simulations and thousands more of real-world simulation in labs. These tests cover everything from aerodynamics to component and structure durability.

Ford says all-new Ranger has endured 1.25 million km of testing image

“Computer simulations have helped us speed up development, while lab testing has helped us refine and test specific components – but there really is no replacement for real-world testing to really see how it stands up to years of customer use,” added Willems.

With the all-new Ranger set to be available across 180 markets around the world, it's no wonder they're making sure it passes all the tests. Check out the video and see just what the all-new Ford Ranger has endured so far before it makes its official debut this year.