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Ford set to unveil solar-powered car concept at the 2014 CES


Can travel 21 miles on pure electricity alone

Ford Motor Company says that 75% of all trips made can be powered by the sun.  With that in mind, they are set to display the solar-powered edition of the C-Max hybrid compact sedan at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The solar cells of the C-Max are laid out on the roof and are designed differently compared to older solar panels.  It sports a ‘sun-ray collector’ that acts like a magnifying glass to concentrate the rays of the sun on the solar cells to maximize the way it harnesses solar power.


Ford’s idea is to combine hybrid technology without having to plug in the vehicle to charge the batteries thereby avoiding 4 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.  Although it still comes with the wired option for plug-in charging.

On a full charge, the C-Max will travel a combined 620 miles including 21 electric-only miles.

Leaving the solar-powered C-Max out under a full-day’s sun nets it an equivalent of 4 hours worth of plug-in charging. 

Ford Motor Company will begin testing the viability of mass producing this technology for future vehicles after the 2014 CES.

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