Ford is supporting the launch of Elutec, a new University Technical College for East London and Essex. The school will cater to 14-19 year olds who desire an alternative education path specializing in engineering, design and technology. Elutec will open in September next year.

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) is a new type of college created for provision of stronger educational focus on “real world” practical learning. Elutec had a showcase event that took place at Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) on July 20 to introduce itself to prospective students and their parents.

Elutec sponsor University College London (UCL) will provide input and direction to the education content and approach of the school. Ford, along with UCL and CEME, aims to support the school’s mission to be both the first choice for students interested in an engineering career and employers looking for qualified employees.

Two individuals in Elutec’s governing body represent Ford. The company’s engineers will also be taking part in developing and delivering curriculum modules. The education will be reinforced by providing plant and location tours for students at the Ford Dagenham Diesel Centre and the Ford Dunton Technical Centre in Essex. By doing so, Ford aims to provide students an insight into real-world and high-tech manufacturing and design.