Ford Motor Company has tapped the services of Microsoft Corporation to provide cloud-based services in order for over-the-air (OTA) updates to be possible on the company’s Sync multimedia system.

This means that the next generation Sync3 system on Ford vehicles will be able to accept new programming code to update graphics, services and software without having to go to the dealership and use up the owner’s precious time.

Called the Service Delivery Network, it could help Ford diagnose a vehicle and identify potential problems before it causes an accident.

"This will increase our ability to understand the user experience inside the vehicle," Don Butler, executive director of connected vehicle and services.  But Butler did express that information will be gathered only with permission from the owner.

The OTA upgrade will intially be available only when the system has connected to a WiFi network.

Ford’s Sync3 multimedia system will come standard on selected 2015 models and will be on all 2016 units.