Have you ever wished our market got at least one model in the Ford F-150 lineup? You know, the one that has a really cool name, big tires, and an even bigger grille? You’ve seen countless ad materials from Ford showing the F-150 Raptor cruising at high speed over dirt and jumping through sand dunes. Surely you’ve wanted one of those bad boys ever since, but what do we get? A Ford Ranger.

But now, the Ford F-150 Raptor will soon have a smaller sibling. Ford has confirmed the high-performance Ranger Raptor and it's coming in 2018. Like its full-sized brother, the Ranger Raptor will get beefed up components to make it a more capable off-roader.

Ford teases upcoming 2018 Ranger Raptor

Ford previewed the Ranger Raptor in full camouflage but significant differences can be seen. For starters, the tires are much bigger than the standard Wildtrak vaiants. Also noticeable is the raised ride height, hinting a higher wading depth capacity. It also appears that the Ranger Raptor has a different front bumper, giving it a steeper approach angle. The camouflage hides a lot of the body so do expect other tweaks to appear.

Ford teases upcoming 2018 Ranger Raptor

In the video, we also see the uprated dampers getting a workout, making it likely that the Ranger Raptor also uses a set of Fox shocks. Also noticeable is the lack of diesel clatter, hinting that it may get an EcoBoost gas engine. As for other details, Ford has yet to reveal more about this high-performance pickup.

Ford Philippines has also opened a dedicated website for the Ranger Raptor. Does this mean we will be getting this beefed up Ranger? We have to wait until 2018 to find out.