The Ford Explorer ST will soon become a reality

2018 is starting to look like the year of the high-performance crossover. Ford now wants to join that party with a more potent version of their full-sized crossover, the Explorer. Yes, Ford isn't just planning an Explorer ST; they will be releasing it soon.

Ford began putting ST badges on crossovers earlier this year with the Edge, a five-seat, mid-size crossover. So why put it in their largest car-based SUV? Ford believes that, by 2020, SUV sales could account for 50 percent of their sales in the U.S. They aim to be 'the off-road vehicle leader' by 2020 by offering SUVs for just about every niche possible. On top of that, Ford wants the performance division to grow as well.

Granted, an Explorer ST might not be geared towards the off-roader crowd but what is certain is loads of horsepower. Given that the Explorer Sport already packs 370 PS, we might be seeing a figure of 400, maybe even 420 PS. Needless to say, we are now in a era where full-sized crossovers pack nearly as much horsepower as a Mustang.

The Explorer ST is also set to mark the arrival of the all-new Explorer, slated to be released by 2019. As it stands, the current-generation Explorer is already on its seventh year of production and it is due for a full model change before the decade ends. There are still little details surrounding the fifth-generation model but it is likely that it will still come with a wide range of engines, besides the ST variant of course.