With the advent of EcoBoost engines available in many of Ford’s nameplates, the company recently announced factory tuning programs that will be available for EcoBoost versions of the Mustang, Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

The American automaker did not divulge much detail about the tuning program for the EcoBoost Mustang but the company did state that Ford Racing are working on some custom engine calibrations which will available by the end of 2015.

For the Focus ST 2.0-liter EcoBoost and Fiesta ST 1.6-liter EcoBoost, Ford Racing introduces the ProCal program upgrade which can be bought at FordRacing.com for USD 595 (about PHP 26, 595). The performance upgrade can provide up to 122 Nm of added torque without affecting the car’s warranty and as a plus, Ford Racing also stated that the ProCal program can tweak the car’s fuel curves, idle speed, turbo wastegate control and spark timing.

The Ford Fiesta and Focus

The factory-backed tuning was done by the automaker in view that not all interested clients are interested in getting aftermarket components for their car and voiding the warranty. Ford also cited an example that changing a physical component of a car like a camshaft will give more horsepower but will then sacrifice the smooth idle of an engine.

Further aftermarket tuning like performance exhausts, high-flow fuel pumps and superchargers requires technical know-how which will render a car inoperative for the duration of the upgrade installation. Using a software-based upgrade provides easier adjustment without the need of replacing some of the engine’s key parts.