No, this is not photoshopped. This Ford Mustang Mach E actually has chicken wings in its front trunk (aka frunk).

Without an engine under the hood, Ford was able to free up 135 liters worth of space (the equivalent of a 36-gallon cooler) with their odd looking electric crossover branded as a Mustang. But instead of just holding your typical luggage, Ford decided to step it up by making the frunk into a mobile cooler / serving dish.

Ford used the Mustang Mach-E

Ultimately, they turned the Mach E's frunk into the ulimate tailgate (frontgate?) accessory without having to change anything. Instead of just being able to carry a cooler, Ford claims that the frunk itself can be filled with ice which can cool your drinks. You can also put shaved ice in the frunk so you can fill it with dozens of shrimp cocktail.

Aside from holding your cold drinks, the Mach E's frunk can also serve as a makeshift chafing dish. Instead of ice, you can fill the frunk with more than a thousand pieces of chicken wings or other types food.

Ford used the Mustang Mach-E

While Ford's idea with the Mach-E's frunk is great for tailgate parties or car meets, we're not sure if it's exactly a good idea, nor does it seem sanitary. We're just glad that the frunk comes with a drain cap at the bottom so that it can be hosed down come cleaning time.

Still, it's a hilarious attempt at PR and shows how creative (or bored) the minds over at Ford's marketing department are.