Will we be seeing another awesome motorsports movie like Rush soon? By the looks of it, it might just happen.

Variety magazine reports that a motion picture covering the Ford vs. Ferrari Le Mans war of the 60's will grace the silver screen soon. The magazine also mentioned that Matt Damon of the Bourne franchise fame will play one of the pivotal characters of the story, Carroll Shelby. Apparently, the project began turning its wheels as far back as 2013 and Tom Cruise was supposed to portray the legendary American tuner.

The director for the film is said to be James Mangold. Some of Mangold's movie credits include Cop Land, Girl, Interrupted, and most recently, Logan. With a resume like that, the yet-to-be-named film might just be a good one. Another star in talks to be part of the movie is Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead. It is said that he will assume the role of Lee Iaccoca, Ford Motor Company's executive vice president at the time.

Ford vs. Ferrari Le Mans war to become motion picture

If you're familiar with Le Mans history, Ford wanted to buy Ferrari as Henry Ford II wanted to race in Le Mans. Talks were underway until, towards the closure of the deal, Enzo Ferrari cut off all talks with the American automaker. Spurned by Ferrari, Ford II ordered the company's racing division to build a 'Ferrari-beater'. This then set the motion for Ford's road to Le Mans and the creation of the GT40.

Initially, the GT40 was plagued with reliability issues until a few years into the program. In 1966, Ford scored a 1-2-3 finish in the endurance race, soundly beating the Ferraris that year. The GT40 would go on to have a successful Le Mans career, winning it four times in a row.

Source: Variety