It looks like the next-gen Ford Ranger will have a Raptor version

Ever since Ford released the Ranger Raptor a few years back, it has become a sales hit for the automaker. While it doesn't sell in the same numbers as the regular Ranger variants, it carved up a new niche for mid-size pick-ups. Because of that, more manufacturers are mulling the idea of a high-performance mid-size pick-up as a halo model.

HOLD Ford will build another Ranger Raptor image

Given its success, it wouldn't be wise for Ford to drop the Raptor for the next-generation Ranger. Thankfully, there is good news as it seems that the next-generation Ranger Raptor was caught on video. To be fair, we would be more surprised if Ford decided not to build an all-new version of the high-performance pick-up.

We've seen spy shots of the standard 2022 Ranger, so we're not expecting dramatic changes for the Raptor version. That said, we see chunky fender flares, a beefier wheel and tire combination, and more ground clearance. These are pretty much what we can expect from its exterior, just like the changes Ford made to the current Ranger Raptor.

HOLD Ford will build another Ranger Raptor image

But the bigger question here has to be what lies under the hood. The Ranger Raptor seen in the video was filmed in North America. The U.S and Canadian markets aren't too keen on diesel power, and it's usually reserved for heavy-duty full-size pick-ups. With that in mind, does this mean the next Ranger Raptor will be gas-powered only? Probably not. However, this opens up the possibility of an EcoBoost Mustang-powered Ranger.

But given that the Ranger is a global product, we can expect a diesel option for the Raptor at the very least. As for the standard engine line-up, that is yet to be confirmed. However, reliable sources say it's Ford who will supply engines for Volkswagen and not the other way around. It's a waiting game for now if we want to see more information for the next-gen Ranger. One thing is for sure, though. We can expect this and the all-new Everest to arrive at about the same time.