Ford previously announced that the Bronco name will be making a comeback in the year 2020. The Bronco will have a boxy figure and will be a modern rendition of the classic 60's SUV. A year before that however, another big SUV from Ford will debut: the new generation Explorer.

The automaker recently announced at the Beijing Motor Show that the next-generation Explorer will be revealed next year as a 2020 model. More importantly, Ford also said that the Explorer -one of the most American of nameplates- will be made in China.

Like the Bronco, the teaser photo released by Ford shows the next-generation Explorer hidden underneath a blue cover. Though it doesn't show much, we do get an idea of what the upcoming Exporer will look like from its silhouette.

From the front, it appears as if the next-generation Explorer could have a smoother appearance. The hood seems shorter than the current model and has a less tapered front fascia. Up top, a roof rail has been fitted and is coupled with a more rakish roof line. The wheel wells also appear to be larger and more rounded. That said, we could be wrong as the vehicle is still completely.

For now, no other details regarding the 2020 Ford Explorer have been released. What we do know is that the next-generation Explorer will be built in China. It is expected to ride on an all-new platform and could also be offered with a performance-oriented ST variant.