We've just tried the new Ford Explorer, and we have to say that the MyFord Touch system does have a few bugs that need ironing out. Well, it seems that over in the U.S., Ford customers have already spoken out about the issues with the MyFord Touch system in their cars and the Dearborn-based manufacturer has listened.

Jennifer Brace, the user-interface designer at Ford Motor Company said that the tech team took these "customer-driven suggestions" in improving the system. Many of the issues surrounding the MyFord Touch system includes its response time (there's a noticeable lag between when the screen's buttons are touched to when the system responds) and a complicated lay-out (there's a bit of information overload at times) for the display.

"So what we did was we kept the things that they liked... and what we did was we tried to fix the areas where there were some concerns," said Brace. "So we made it faster, simplier and easier to use with this new design."

The streamlined and upgraded MyFord Touch technology will be available early 2012 while current owners (i.e. current model Explorers) will be receiving USB drives (with plug-and-play update software) via mail.

Check back with us this week for our test of the new 2011 Ford Explorer with an in-depth review of its MyFord Touch system.