It has been been 11 years since their entry into the Philippines, and it seems Foton has no plans of slowing down. In their recently concluded Dealers Appreciation Night, Foton A. Bonifacio emerged as Dealer of the year for 2018. But what exactly does this mean, and how does this award push Foton, its dealerships and a company as a whole, towards its goals for 2019 and beyond?

According to Foton Philippines president Rommel Sytin, “This year is a milestone for the Foton brand, and for the whole Foton family, that we have reached the top 10 mark in the local automotive industry. I asked you guys if we can do it, sabi niyo kaya, and true enough, we’re able to deliver. I’m sincerely grateful to all departments of Foton for making this dream come true. This is actually the first brand out of Japan and US that has made in the Top 10 of the automotive industry.” He adds, “What we can commit for 2019 is the continuous improvement of our products and services. We want to provide what they want and what they need especially for commercial vehicles. We will keep on improving.”

Following Sytin's own words, AVP for Dealer Sales Operations Levy Santos had this to say: “Foton Philippines is entering its 12th year in the Industry, and I very am proud to share that in 2018, Foton secured the 9th spot in the industry, a big leap from the previous year’s number 12 position, and number 3 when it comes to truck Sales. This is a validation of all the hard work and dedication of everyone in the organization.”

Foton A Bonifacio is 2018 Dealer of the Year image

If these are anything to go by, the recognition of Foton A. Bonifacio transcends simple sales and service. Dedication and commitment, and more importantly a “can-do attitude” is what Foton is pushing for this, and in the coming years. Having been able to weather the slow down of the automotive industry last year following the excise tax's implementation, the brand from China is only strengthening its thrust to better relationships with clients, and even the country. So much so that they also launched their “Kayang-Kaya” Brand Campaign in the same night.

According to Anna Parado, Executive Vice President of Foton PH, “Knowing that the people we trust, trust us back, we find things and people that can help us, that we can trust and rely on. Sometimes all that matters is that the people most important to us support us. And then we come to think, “kaya ko ‘to!”. And we give that commitment to all our customers, and to you our partners in the industry…we will continue to grow and develop, to be better and be greater, because as long as we have you by our side continuously supporting us, we can achieve more. And to this I say: Kayang-kaya!”

So how does Foton plan to keep their top ten spot in the sales charts? After opening 3 new dealerships last year, they are aiming to open 8 more this year spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. With an expanding dealership network, they may be on their way to another significant year. Add to that the fact that they have a total of an 8-car-and-truck display slated for this year's Manila International Auto Show, Foton's presence in the country will be more than ever.