Thanks to their commitment to providing efficient people as well as cargo movers for various types of businesses, Foton Philippines was selected as the vehicle service provider of one of the largest telecommunication product firms in the country, Maax Eye Trade Inc. (METI).

The telecommunication firm purchased a fleet of twelve Foton 1.5L Gratour MTs outfitted with Tool Truck bodies which were turned over last July 12th, 2019.

"The Gratour MT makes a perfect fit for Maax Eye’s transportation and logistics demands," said  Rommel Sytin, president of Foton Philippines. "Beneficial in more ways than one, the Foton Gratour MT 1.5L is built to push every enterprise further until they reach their maximum potential. Of course, through a practical, cost-efficient and reliable workhorse."

Foton hands a dozen Gratour MTs to telecommunications firm image

The Gratour 1.5L MT propels itself with Foton’s DAM15R gasoline motor. Pushing 110 PS and 142 Nm of torque, the motor sends drive to a 5-speed manual transmission. This small yet efficient powerplant allows the Gratour to carry 1.5 tons worth of payload instead of the standard 1.2 tons. The special Tool truck body highlights a 2-ladder roof rack with locking mechanism to carry and secure more bulky items that are commonly used for telecommunications.

Window grills, bench type seats with cushion and a compartment tool box are also fitted for added versatility. The Gratour MT is also equipped with a radio that supports Aux and USB for entertainment purposes. For safety and convenience, 3-point seatbelts, fog lights, steering column lock, and of course, an air conditioning unit all come standard to keep the passengers safe and comfortable during long hauls.

Foton hands a dozen Gratour MTs to telecommunications firm image

Sytin adds, “As a one-stop shop of passenger and commercial vehicles, Foton Philippines will continue to provide not just quality and affordable mobility solutions but also reliable aftersales programs for our clients. In fact, we have already started, and it’s slowly transforming to reality with the help of the strong presence of Foton’s growing number of dealerships, sales outlets, and service centers nationwide.”

Incorporated in 2018, Maax Eye is known for commodities such as fiber optic cables, patchcords, closures, connectors, testing equipment, installation tools, cleaning tools, hardware and accessories.