Foton Motors put its focus on the Asia-Pacific market after inaugurating its Asia-Pacific Industry Center in Thailand and launching its super truck series at the Foton 2017 Global Partners Conference that coincided with the 20th anniversary of the automaker attended by 180 dealers, service providers and suppliers from 55 countries.

After establishing global presence covering 80 countries in various regions of the world and achieving an overseas export average annual growth of 10 to 20-percent, Foton Motors has decided to make Thailand its hub for Asia-Pacific operations by opening their Asia-Pacific Industry Center to ‘complete localization in production and management’ and ‘export to other Asia Pacific countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, etc.’

Foton opens Asia-Pacific Industry Center; launches super truck series

The opening of the Foton Asia-Pacific Industry Center is the next phase after 2015’s registration of the Foton Thailand Automobile Production Company Limited that clearly marks the automakers strategy to cover Southeast Asia in order to boost globalization.

During the conference, Foton Motors also unveiled two models from its super truck series, the Auman EST and the Aumark S. These will come with 50-percent lower oil consumption, 50-percent higher brake thermal efficiency, and an emission standard higher than Euro VI – features that have enticed engine and vehicle manufacturers Daimler and Cummins to join the ‘Foton Motor Industry 4.0 program.

This program revolves around an ‘Intelligent Connected Super Truck Alliance’ that uses a super truck innovation development platform. It uses the ‘green’ truck concept and autonomous vehicle networking at its core to find a platform modular, super-low wind resistance and light weight design for a smart truck using smart mobility solutions with the support of nine major technologies of routine high-performance – power, mixed power, high-performance AMT, auxiliary driving system, fleet management and cargo carrying matching.

Foton opens Asia-Pacific Industry Center; launches super truck series

The goal of the program is to reduce the entire vehicle oil consumption by at least 30-percent, reduce the entire vehicle carbon emission by 30-percent, and raise the freight efficiency by 70-percent.

Already reaching Euro VI emission standards, the Foton Auman EST has a low cargo table design and a ground clearance of 1,100 mm.

Foton Motors hopes to introduce natural gas-driven or electric trucks in the near future to realize the zero emissions as part of their ‘Green Transportation philosophy.