For a limited time, Foton's EC Mobile service can be availed 24/7

Thinking of scheduling a preventive maintenance service (PMS) soon for your Foton? Or are you in need of emergency roadside assistance for your vehicle? Well, Foton Philippines wants to give its customers an upper hand with the upgraded EC Mobile on-site service.

First launched by Foton 2 years ago, the EC Mobile Service Program provides customers with on-call maintenance services such as PMS, onboard electrical/mechanical troubleshooting and diagnosing, as well as repairs to aircon, engine electrical, mechanical, and under-chassis.

Foton EC Mobile 24/7 image

But Foton wants to take their EC Mobile service further by making it available to customers 24/7. That's right, Foton's EC Mobile Service can now promptly deliver quality service to those in need at any time of the day. The new 24/7 service is available to passenger vehicles, Gratour Trucks, and Light Duty Trucks. The upgraded service gives necessary attention to address vehicle maintenance and repair at the client’s most convenient location, applicable for its fleet partners and even for individual customers.

The EC Mobile is equipped with all of the essential tools in providing quality service. Every EC Mobile service vehicle comes with a 3.5-kilowatt generator that can power tools like an air compressor, impact wrench, and even lights to illuminate an area. Other key equipments available on every EC Mobile truck are 2 large capacity oil pans, a built-in oil depository, a creeper for under-chassis work, a set of wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers; and an array of precision hand tools.

Foton EC Mobile 24/7 image

The 24/7 Mobile EC Service from Foton is currently on pilot testing until December 31, 2020. Participating dealerships that offer the 24/7 service are Foton Quezon Avenue (0917 573 0288), Foton A. Bonifacio (0917 556 9979), Foton Pasong Tamo (0956 157 2362), Foton Bacoor, Cavite (0919 507 6800 / 0915 163 3713), Foton Puerto Princesa, Palawan (0998 969 6641 / 0917 775 7806), Foton Mandaue Cebu (0917 775 5243 / 0925 775 6672), and Foton Talisay Cebu (0995 465 7509).