Last January 26, Foton held their annual dealer's appreciation night at the Solaire Resort and Casino. Led by United Asia Automotive Group Inc (UAAGI), the official distributor of Foton vehicles in the country, dealers from all over the country came to the event together with partners from financial institutions, the media and excutives from Foton International Group.

The night served as Foton's way of expressing gratitude as well as recognizing the dealers and their acheivements for 2017. Foton Quezon Avenue was awarded the Overall Champion Dealer of the Year award, the highest recognition given by Foton Philippines.

During his opening remark, Foton Philippines president Rommel Sytin announced that six more dealerships will be opening this year. This would allow them to have 29 dealerships for 2018, further expanding their reach.

“Currently, we have 6 Gratour Sales Outlets and we continuously encourage everyone to put up sales outlets especially to large cities where there is big potential market for this product. We will open 5 more dealerships in the area of Bacoor Cavite, Puerto Princesa Palawan, Bauang La Union, Cebu South and Cainta, Rizal as these are now under construction and expects to operate by 2018,” siad Sytin.

Foton PH gives back to dealers for 2017 sales, achievements

According to Foton Internation Group Executive Vice President Ma Rentao, Southeast Asia is the core area of the brand's overseas business and accounts for 50% of overseas sales. That said, he adds that he will cotninue to provide more support for wners in the country.

In 2017, Foton Philippines was said to have an 18.5-percent growth in the passenger and light-duty truck segments. This then is said to have contributed to an 18-percent growith of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA).

Foton Philippines expect 2018 to have promising outlook and continue with their success from the previous year.