Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI), the official distributor of Foton vehicles in the country, is opening 2019 with a bang. In an effort to reinforce the brand's confidence, open bigger possibilities, and create grander breakthroughs, Foton launched what they have dubbed the Kayang-Kaya Brand campaign.

Foton PH opens bigger possibilities, launches Kayang-Kaya Campaign image

"We arrived in the Philippine shores last 2006, and started out with just a single pick-up and light-duty truck. Although the name was relatively new to the local market, I took the risk, and did the best that I could do to move this business forward," shared Foton Philippines president Rommel Sytin. “Kayang-Kaya embraces the spirit of resilience and capability that has been in our brand’s DNA since the beginning. Over the years, we have invested in improving the reliability of our vehicles along with the continuous work on strengthening the customer experience through a focus on our after-sales service. That makes up the heart of this campaign” he added.

In the last quarter of 2018, Foton Philippines bagged the 9th spot in the ranking of top automotive brands in the Philippines.

Foton PH opens bigger possibilities, launches Kayang-Kaya Campaign image

“We see this campaign as something relevant to the Filipinos. It does not just promote possibilities in capabilities; it also depicts our positive outlook in all situations, no matter how tough and challenging they get,” said Foton Philippines Executive Vice President Anna Maria Parado. “The fact we’ve got a diverse product portfolio means the future for us is very much around being a brand that sticks at every single life stage. It’s about making sure we have models that fit into the Filipinos' needs.”

“We also want to imply that with Kayang-Kaya, we are not just the ones capable. Through our promotions such as low down payment and low monthly payment schemes, those in need of vehicles are given the biggest chances to avail vehicles that are heavy on the features, yet light in the pockets in the most convenient ways possible. With Foton, every journey becomes easy. Anumang byahe ng buhay, kayang-kaya,” Parado closed.

Fortifying the brand’s nationwide launch of new passenger and commercial vehicles, innovative and timely aftersales programs, and incessantly growing 3S dealerships, the Kayang-Kaya campaign highlights Foton’s highly-improved capabilities focusing on customer-driven innovations that will aspire and brave their respective life journeys through the 'can-do' attitude. 

Aiming to inspire and engage family men, business owners, and drivers on a deeper and more emotional level, Foton created a multi-channel campaign infused with pride, confidence, and emotions, highlighting the brand’s commitment to support the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable society in which everyone can challenge their impossible. Kayang-Kaya shares how Foton becomes part of the daily living of Filipino families and businesses by highlighting real-life mobility stories that demonstrate values of love for the family, determination, hard work, and positivity.