If you're a Ford fan, then here's something to be excited about. The wraps have finally come off the new Ford Focus ST at the Frankfurt auto show which opens today. 

Focus ST interior

The Focus ST is Ford's first truly global performance car, building on the heritage of previous Focus ST models in Europe and evolving it to allow drivers around the world to experience and enjoy the exhilarating performance that the ST badge offers.

Focus ST rear

"The new Focus ST is a really exciting car for Ford," said Jost Capito, director of Global Performance Vehicles. "It's the first performance model to build upon the design and technology strengths of one of our new global production vehicles. It's a car built for driving enthusiasts all around the world and they will not be disappointed."

For global customers, Focus ST is powered by the 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost engine. Ford's lightweight, all-aluminum EcoBoost engines provide the power of a larger engine in a fuel-efficient smaller displacement, using high pressure direct injection, low-inertia turbocharging and Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) to provide the ST with 250 horsepower.

A wagon version of the ST will also be made available for European customers.

According to Anika Salceda-Wycoco of Ford Group Philippines, the all new Ford Focus will be arriving next year, though there are no plans yet for the high performance ST.