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Frankfurt 2011: Volvo Concept You


Concept You showcases upcoming connectivity and technology

The Concept You picks up where the Concept Universe, revealed at Auto Shanghai earlier this year, left off, showcasing the future direction for the Volvo brand. Revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new concept combines a sleek coupe-like exterior with a luxurious high-tech interior , the latter being the focus of the concept car.

The Concept You features a blend of intuitive smart pad technology and first-class craftsmanship. The control center consists of four main areas: a digital Driver Information Monitor (DIM), a head-up display on the windscreen, a touch-screen in the upper part of the center console and a touch-screen between the two individual rear seats. The wood/leather steering wheel has aluminum and glass paddles with integrated touch-screens.


The touch-screen in the upper part of the center console remains in sleep mode until the driver looks at it. A hidden infrared camera registers the eye movements and information is displayed on the screen. Another sensor registers hand movements and triggers the Infotainment system's control mode. The possibilities vary depending on whether the screen is approached by the driver or by the front passenger.

The Infotainment system also integrates a high-end sound system from Alpine. It features the unique "FreshAir" subwoofer - an unreleased bit of technology that uses the air outside the car to create what Volvo calls "the ultimate listening experience".

"The new Concept You roofline stretches all the way back to the tail lamps - creating that dynamic fastback look that is very much in vogue among European car buyers at the moment," says Peter Horbury, Vice President Design at the Volvo Car Corporation.

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